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Check Engine Light / Computer Diagnostics

What is it?

Automobile Check Engine Light Computer Diagnostics Service Repair Savage MNYour vehicle is equipped with sophisticated electronic control systems. These systems feed information about the engine’s operating conditions to a computer that controls the ignition system, fuel system and the emission control system.

How can I tell if service is needed?

The most obvious sign your engine is not running properly is when the check engine light comes on. You should schedule a diagnostic evaluation if you notice:

  • Decreasing gas mileage
  • Decreased power at acceleration
  • Stalling when you stop
  • Knocking or pinging sounds during acceleration or when you turn the ignition off

We’re here to help.

To ensure reliable, efficient engine performance you should have regular diagnostic evaluations. Our state-of-the-art computer diagnostics will evaluate all your engine features to make sure nothing gets overlooked. Your vehicle has multiple sensors that send information to its onboard computer system. We’ll check to see if all systems are working as they should and provide a thorough explanation for any service work that’s needed.