Fluid Exchange

What is it?

Automobile Check Fluid Levels Service Repair Savage MNA fluid exchange is the complete replacement of fluid in a system, removing old, contaminated fluid, and replacing it with new, clean fluid. The systems that need fluid exchanges include:

Your fluid levels should be checked and topped off at every oil change.

How can I tell if I need fluids drained and replaced?

You should refer to your owner’s manual for recommendations from the manufacturer on time intervals for your specific vehicle. You may consider scheduling a fluid-exchange service sooner if:

  • You notice fluid stains in your driveway or parking spot
  • Your dashboard warning lights come on

We’re here to help.

Our technicians will ask the right questions to make the proper recommendation for timing and intervals for exchanging fluids on your vehicle. We’ll also keep detailed records, so you don’t have to guess how long it’s been since you’ve had a fluid exchange service.