Cooling System

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Automobile Cooling System Radiator Water Pump Thermostat Heater Core Service Repair Savage MNWhat is it?

Your vehicle cooling system regulates the temperature of your engine and protects it from overheating, damage and breakdowns. It also keeps your engine from freezing during our infamous Minnesota winters. Problems stem from low coolant levels, overused coolant or leaks. Sludge, dirt and rust that builds up in your cooling system can cause a blockage in the radiator or heater core.

How can I tell if my cooling system needs service?

Preventative maintenance goes a long way to keeping your cooling system working properly. If there are problems with your system, you will notice:

  • Antifreeze on the ground when your car is parked
  • Your temperature gauge on the dash board shows hotter than normal
  • There is steam coming out from under the hood
  • Instead of heat, there is cold air coming from your vents


We’re here to help.

Having fresh coolant and a clean system protects and cools all components. Most vehicles require coolant flush approximately every 50,000 miles. Our knowledgeable technicians will flush and fill your system, inspect the belt that controls the cooling fan, check the radiator cap and make sure your thermostat is working properly.