Fuel Systems

What is it?

Automobile Fuel Systems Service Repair Savage MNThe fuel system stores and delivers fuel to the cylinder chamber where it is vaporized, combined with air and burned to produce the power your vehicle needs to move. Fuel injectors have small nozzles that emit a fine spray of fuel into the chamber. Clogged nozzles will create a thick stream of fuel that won’t ignite. And you’ll get less power while using more gas.

How can I tell if my fuel system needs service?

Some signs you may have a problem with your fuel system are:

  • Hesitation when you press the gas pedal
  • A decrease in gas mileage
  • Fuel odor


We’re here to help.

Regular system cleaning and filter replacement ensures that the gas reaches the chamber evenly. Fuel system tune-ups – at approximately every 50,000 miles – can improve mileage, acceleration and engine performance.