Oil and Filter Change

What is it?

Automobile Oil and Filter Change Service Repair Savage MNPerhaps the most important maintenance you can preform on your vehicle are regular oil changes. Regular oil changes can lead to better gas mileage, longer engine life and better engine performance. The oil lubricates the engine’s internal moving parts, keeping them from wearing too quickly. It also helps keep the engine clean, by preventing dirt buildup. And helps keep it from overheating.

How can I tell when my oil needs changing?

Checking your oil is a quick, easy job. Every dipstick has some way of indicating the proper oil level. Also, check the oil’s color. It should appear brown or black. But if it has a light, milky appearance, this could mean coolant is leaking into the engine. Look closely for any metal particles, too, as this could mean there is internal engine damage. Other signs your vehicle may need an oil change are:

  • Ticking or knocking noises from your engine
  • Warning lights; i.e. check engine light, oil pressure light and oil pressure warning lights
  • Oil change reminder sticker placed by your technician

If your car does not have a dipstick, we have the equipment to check the oil level.


We’re here to help.

You can schedule an oil change appointment or just stop by. We have a comfortable waiting area and we’ll get you back on the road in no time. While your vehicle is on the hoist, it’s easy and efficient to conduct our 16-point safety check.