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Oil Change Services Savage MN
Mar 07

Change to Oil Changes

How Technology has Affected the most Common Maintenance Service Not long ago there was consistent guidance for when to change the oil in your vehicle. Every three months or three thousand miles was the standard. After service your mechanic would put a reminder sticker on your windshield and away you went. Your father probably told […]

March 7, 2019 Steve Fox 0 Comments
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Winterize Your Vehicle Auto Service Repair Savage MN
Oct 07

Winter is Coming. Is Your Vehicle Prepared?

Winter is coming. Thanks George R.R. Martin for the perennial announcement for the changing of the season. Colder weather brings a close to summer sending children and young adults back to the classroom. Some of you are parents, fretting no longer over the road trip to vacation but instead the reliability of junior’s first car […]

October 7, 2018 Steve Fox 0 Comments
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Automotive Repair Services Savage MN
Apr 10

Welcome to Southcross!

An introduction to Southcross Auto Service, who we are and what we do. Hello and welcome to Southcross Auto Service.  We’re happy you’re here! With this blog I’ll share information about us and advice for helping you with maintenance and repairs for your vehicle. I also plan on keeping you up to date on some […]

April 10, 2018 Steve Fox 0 Comments
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