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Your neighborhood car care specialists

Relationships are important. Your friends and family…..and yes, your mechanic. At Southcross Auto Service, we are there when you need us, and we are here to keep you safe on the road – on your way to grow your other relationships.

Like the time Al needed our help to get to his daughter’s rehearsal dinner. He called because there was antifreeze leaking from his 2006 Honda. Within minutes we towed his car to the shop, and we provided a loaner car. Al made it to the dinner on time.

Or when Roxanne, a longtime customer, was nervous when her son, Ben, got his driver’s license, and she could not explain the basics about how to troubleshoot car problems. We set up some time to meet with Ben to show him what to look for in case of emergency.

When Suzanna and Pete were taking their family to the Black Hills, their first stop was Southcross Auto Service, where Jason found their 2010 Impala was in great condition to make the trip. The maintenance checks performed over the years really paid off.

Sometimes, repairs are more than meets the eye.

Your car troubles may stem from a faulty belt, just one simple belt, but simply replacing that belt may not fix the underlying problems. While replacing the belt can get you back on the road, our trained mechanics will inspect the related components driven by the belt to determine what the cause of its failure was. Rest assured, we’ll provide all the information you need to decide what’s best for you.

Cars have changed, but our exceptional service at Southcross has stayed the same

With nearly 40 years of experience, Southcross Auto Service has adapted well to the changing auto repair environment. Steve remembers when technicians rebuilt carburetors; today’s cars are equipped with fuel injection and more computers than were on the first Gemini spaceship!

One look under the hood, and you can see how little room there is to work on today’s cars. Jason, Bill, Mike, and Laine have experience with all makes and models – from SUVs to compacts. Even hybrids and electric cars. You may find Jason and his 1968 Impala SS at a car show, Mike at an Autocross event racing his Honda Civic, or Steve at the dragstrip with his 2008 Rear Engine Dragster.

We look forward to building a lasting relationship and keeping you on the road!

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