Auto AC & Heat Repair

Auto AC & Heat RepairYou rely on your car’s AC and heating system to keep you comfortable. More importantly, being able to adjust the temperature in your own car has health ramifications, too. Whether you are at risk of being too hot or too cold, there are extremes that the human body can’t handle. We understand how important your safety and comfort are at Southcross Auto Service in Savage, MN and we’re here to help We are the #1 AC & Heat Repair Savage!

Why Does Your Car’s Heater or Air Conditioner Stop Working?

Your car’s air conditioner and heating system are more tied in with the coolant system and the rest of your car’s engine than you might have guessed. Problems with the radiator or with a big coolant leak, for instance, can cause your car’s heater to stop working, which is downright dangerous in cold weather. There are other potential problems, too. If your refrigerant has a leak, or the condenser is broken or blocked, you’re not going to get the passenger cabin cool. There are lots of other potential areas for trouble, though. A broken heater core is just one of them.

Four Ways You Can Tell You Need AC/Heating Repair in Savage, MN

So, if that many things can go wrong with your heating or your AC, how can you tell for sure when you need repair? It turns out that there are several indicators that you’ve got a heating or AC problem, and Southcross Auto Service has a list for you.

  1. The passenger cabin isn’t comfortable, no matter where you set the dials.
  2. You’re hearing unusual or concerning noises when the AC or heater are on.
  3. You’ve got a puddle on your floorboard.
  4. The air coming through your vents smells decidedly awful.

If you’re noticing any of these problems, you may have something bigger going on than just air that’s too warm or too cold in the passenger cabin.

What Should You Do if Your AC or Heater Stop Working?

But what can you do if your heater or air conditioner doesn’t work? Ideally, take your car to a trusted mechanic right away. In the meantime, you can double check that your car’s coolant reservoir is topped up. Other issues, whether they’re as simple as the thermostat or as complicated as a bad heater core, are probably not issues you want to tackle on your own.

AC & Heat Repair Near Me

Here at Southcross Auto Service in Savage, MN we handle all makes and models of vehicles, and you can drop your car off early or late to work with your schedule. We offer a 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty on all of our repairs, so you can trust that we’ll take great care of your AC and heating repair needs. Your local #1 choice for AC & Heat Repair Savage.

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