DiagnosticsDiagnostic tests for your car are much like the diagnostic tests that your doctor might run for you. They help us at Southcross Auto Service in Savage, MN knows exactly what the problem is with your car’s engine so we can get you fixed safely and quickly. We are your #1 Diagnostics Savage choice!

Diagnostics Savage

Modern cars have an onboard computer, called the ECM (engine control module) or the ECU (engine control unit). This computer keeps track of different systems within the car’s engine and uses the information it gathers to turn on various warning lights on your dashboard. When the dreaded check engine light comes on, a diagnostic test helps to determine exactly what the problem is, so that your mechanic can repair whatever is wrong. There can be issues within the fuel system, the airflow system, the exhaust system, the transmission, and the engine that cause the car to alert you to trouble.

Is Your Engine Dying if the Check Engine Light Comes On?

The answer to this varies depending on what other symptoms you’re noticing with your car, but odds are that unless you’ve been ignoring the check engine light, this is just an initial warning that something small is wrong. The simplest answer is that your gas cap isn’t on tight enough or it’s damaged. In fact, that might be the first thing you do is to tighten your gas cap and see if that corrects the light.

Barring the gas cap, other issues could involve the oxygen sensor, the mass airflow sensor, or your catalytic converter. If your air filter is bad, your engine might not have enough air to fire properly. Same with your fuel system. In reality, once you see the check engine light, the best thing you can do is to have a diagnostic test in Savage, MN completed so that you have accurate information.

Four Ways to Tell You Need Engine Diagnostics in Savage, MN

So, what are those other symptoms that your engine is having trouble with, just in case you’ve been avoiding your check engine light?

  1. Your car’s engine is stalling on you repeatedly.
  2. You’re hearing knocks, pings, and other sounds from the engine.
  3. You’re at the gas pumps way more than usual because your gas mileage is not good.
  4. You’re smelling gas inside the passenger compartment. This is very bad news and means you need to get to a mechanic right away.

Southcross Auto Service in Savage, MN has experience with diagnostic testing and engine repair for all makes and models of vehicles. We can help you to determine what is happening with your car and give you a reliable repair that is covered by our three-year, 36,000-mile warranty.


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