Winter is Coming. Is Your Vehicle Prepared?

Winter is coming. Thanks, George R.R. Martin for the perennial announcement for the changing of the season. Colder weather brings a close to summer sending children and young adults back to the classroom. Some of you are parents, fretting no longer over the road trip to vacation but instead the reliability of junior’s first car as he drives off to college. The cold is a cause for many vehicular concerns. I’d like to fill you in on some of the things we can take care of you here at Southcross Auto Service.

One of the biggest concerns for car owners today is maintenance. Vehicle maintenance is important to keep the car lasting as long as possible. Did you know that climate can actually make a difference on your maintenance schedule? Extreme heat and extreme cold can make things like belts, batteries, and fluids wear out more quickly. For instance, certain cars may have a one hundred thousand mile service interval for timing belt replacement unless the car is operated regularly in temperatures under zero degrees Fahrenheit in which case the interval is sixty thousand miles. Rest easy in knowing that whenever you have your vehicle serviced here at Southcross Auto Service our technicians and service advisors will help guide you through the sometimes complicated schedule of regular maintenance.

Another concern many people have for winter weather tires. When was the last time you checked your tires? Tire tread depth is important to maintain traction in many forms of inclement weather. In wet conditions with snow and rain, the deep grooves in the tire’s tread allow you to maintain contact with the road surface while the rain or snow is expelled away from the tire. Icy conditions are a little more complicated, the tread pattern and rubber compound will affect your ability to gain traction.

To delve a little deeper, this is the reason for winter tires. When winter tires are used above forty-five degrees Fahrenheit they will quite literally melt away! That’s because the rubber compound used is “soft” and allows for more traction in cold conditions. All-season tires do their best to find the middle ground between a “hard”, long-lasting tire and a “soft” tire with the most grip. We have many options for all-season, winter, summer, and off-road tires so don’t hesitate to ask. We offer lifetime rotations for the life of the tire, a lifetime alignment program, a nationwide road hazard warranty, and a 60-day money-back guarantee on most tires.

I myself am excited to get out and hunt and ice fish. Steve looks forward to snowmobiling every year all over from Redwing, MN to Hayward, WI. All the technicians are looking forward to watching either the Wild or Vikings battle out their seasons. Whatever you love, or hate, about winter it will soon be upon us. So, whether the weather withers your spirits or you welcome winter’s wonder with excitement, Southcross Auto Service in Savage MN will have your car, van, truck, or SUV covered.


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